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new life
- DominiqueChen Guestbook

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new life, 27 Oct. 2008 09:07

hi, nice to meet you
i read your travel book:私旅行in瑞士
i plan to go to switzerland at the end of this year
this is my first time to study abroad for 2 years, i am more afraid than excited...

i know you are familiar with switzerland
i think you have your unique style
hope we can be friends

RE: new life, 12 Nov. 2008 20:32

Hihi Tina,

So hopefully by now, you are getting more exciting about your trip to Switzerland.

Where do you plan to go for your study?
If it‘s not too far away from where i live, maybe we could meet up for a coffee then.

Don‘t worry~just enjoy the coming different experience !! It may not be perfect, but i am sure it will be something special that you will remember for your life time.

All the Best


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